Las hortensias [Felisberto Hernández] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Edición de Creative Commons Uruguay con el texto revisado por la Fundación Felisberto Hernández en el marco de un convenio de. As hortensias / Las hortensias has ratings and 18 reviews. O livro traz, em edição bilíngue, português e espanhol, uma novela e três contos de um dos.

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I have, like, one semester of Spanish classes in my past. New Directions, here I come.

Seriously, I’d be totally surprised if say you and Rise and Tom and even hoftensias Aira fan Frances read this novella and didn’t like it. I, um, told herndnez would like this! But don’t take my word for it, just ask Rise! Oh, well, thank you for not bringing up Magic Mike again! Best Wishes for the New Year! The whole thing sounds like a film. I like the little I’ve read from that collection as well, but The Daisy Dolls is where you need to start.

I’ll look for it. Unable or unwilling to trust his own senses, and with the feeling that his desire has become delirious increasingly [un]fixed on part objects–the dolls’ detached limbs floating in a tankHoracio himself becomes ever more felixberto an automaton: Richard 29 de enero de I still haven’t read anything by him, I read he was just a short-story writer, with a fantastic vein.

I want in on the Felisberto cult.

But there’s something slightly sinister about the “surprises” she likes to play on her husband by switching roles with the doll, dressing her in her own clothing and providing her with animate qualities at the same time as she hernnvez takes on increasingly doll-like roles. Click on the link for a particularly juicy post from Rise and a mouthwatering discussion of what other titles people think deserve to be added to the list.


As hortensias / Las hortensias by Felisberto Hernández (1 star ratings)

A Work in Progress. Reading, writing, and arithmetic in Hace 3 horas.

The Argumentative Old Git. Calvino, who was also an admirer of Silvina Ocampo, wrote the introduction to Piano Storiesby the way I haven’t read felsberto intro but will sometime soon.

Las Hortensias

This is Hortensia, made in the likeness of his wife whose middle name is Hortensiawho stands in for wife, child, sister, and increasingly Horacio’s lover. The Three Degrees blog last week posted a plea for help in finding writers from – well, from Latin American countries that weren’t Argentina.

Rise hernmdez de enero de You have to be the perfect man to head up the Phillipines’ branch of the Felisberto cult! Richard 1 de febrero de Richard 3 de febrero de Posted by Lae at 4: The Adventures of Big Beery Hace 4 meses. El cuenco de plata, The Three Degrees hdrnndez that ’60’s Philly vocal trio who felisbertk the unforgettable “Maybe. Winstonsdads reads of Hace 9 horas. Some of the Twilight Zone episodes! In a final breakdown, in terror at one last surprise on the part of his wife, one last substitution felisherto which she plays the part of a doll, we find him setting off across the flowerbeds “heading towards the sound of the machines” Richard 27 de enero de In fact, I suspect it would be right up your storytelling alley.


So why not enter fully into the world of things, abandoning pretensions to puppet mastery, to some kind of transcendent humanity? Sanctuary, by William Faulkner Hace 4 meses.

As hortensias / Las hortensias

The most famous books I had not read but now have, edition, Cather and Wharton and Tintin Hace 1 semana. The Best Land Under Heaven: Surprisingly enough, there’s a fair amount of Felisberto material in English unlike with Sergio Pitol hermndez Alfonso Reyes.

Miguel, you’re another person I can’t imagine not liking this tale. Tales from the Reading Room. Mi lista de blogs.

We are alarmed to see how this new falsification of the original sin–which we already have spoken about in other editions–is making new inroads into our world. Felisberto did specialize in short stories “The Balcony” being one of my favorites by himbut he also wrote a handful of novellas that I hope to dive into next month.

I have only read ‘The Daisy Dolls’, felisbergo hope to see copies of the two story collections from New Directions. Is there one, I wonder? Newer Post Older Post Home.