Uploaded by. Eduardo Alex Flores González guia-portagepdf. Uploaded by. Eduardo Alex Flores. 17 ago. escala portage 1. ATPS – Estrutura de Dados – 2 Bimestre – COMPLETO. Aug 17, Guia Portage años. This Handbook contains the installation instructions for an Internet-based installation and basic instructions about working with Portage.

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Logical Volume Management LVM exists as set of tools allowing you to manage your disk storage copleta a very flexible manner. Additionally, lm-sensors users will have previously used the i2c package to provide the hardware drivers. Please save yourself the trouble, and use the traditional menuconfig configuration method just this once. Please remove your “niceness” hacks! You will then be able to use lm-sensors as usual. Also, remember to enable support for the filesystems that you use, and the hardware present in your system.

Warning If you choose to also enable the “nptlonly” flag, be aware that you will no longer be able to boot a 2.

Note If you do not use LVM to manage your disk storage, you can safely skip this chapter and skip onto the next. You may wish to recompile all binaries now, e. To work around this, you must ensure that you have some essential device pportage on your disk.


Just be sure not to enable ide-scsi as you used to. After updating your headers package, you should generally re-merge glibc. Be sure to enable support for the IDE controller on your motherboard if you wish to benefit from fast DMA disk access.

The steps you can take to clean up your system are detailed below. The I2C hardware drivers are now included in the Linux 2. At this stage you should refer back to the pitfalls section which may be helpful with any issues you encounter immediately.

It addresses issues with previous device managers, and also attempts to solve some other problems. If you continue to run X at a higher priority, it will do exactly what it is supposed to run the display server at a very high priority and you will notice consequences such as sound stuttering and slow application load times because your CPU is spending too long serving X and only X.

In this case, you don’t need to worry about coompleta stage – your system is already ready to deal with Linux 2. If you have any problems with your 2.

Escala Portage 1

This document will aid you in the process of migrating from Linux 2. Alternatively, you can just let your system “naturally” convert itself to NPTL as you update to newer versions of packages when they are released.


If portagd choose to update your bootloader config yourself, then you must remember to include the udev kernel parameter. Many people who do try a make oldconfig from a 2.

Kernel/Migrate to – Gentoo Wiki

Very recently, a new USB storage device driver has been added to the complrta. We will now complete the ALSA configuration and unmute the audio channels. The developer of bootsplash appears to have lost interest in his project, given some design problems.

Note Don’t worry – even though you have just unmerged modutils, module-init-tools provides backwards compatibility for Linux 2.

Thankfully, the IDE layer in Competa 2. We have installed udev, which we will be using instead of devfs from now on. If these are inappropriate, you can modify them at any time with the alsamixer utility. NPTL is a new threading model present in Linux 2.

You can additionally remove modules and information files relating to your old 2. However, this operation will prevent you from ever accessing your LVM data from a 2.

This is com;leta usual case of emerge packagename for all the external modules you are used to using with 2.