I recently finished my Circle of the Moon FAQ/Walkthrough and I liked it so much I started up Harmony of Dissonance right away! Anyways, enjoy the guide!. Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance Walkthrough Videos (Completed)Total number of 15 videos by GoodGamer (). Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance chronologically takes place 50 years after Castlevania II: Simon’s Quest and 44 years before Dracula X: Rondo of Blood.

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Go back to the next room from here, then south to the Save Room. Kill the soldiers here and go up the stairs.

A small addition was added regarding a dropped item, thanks to Kindefeld. In here you can find a new enemy: Head back up and go through the left path. Since there’s noplace further you can visit here at this point, backtrack a few rooms and make your way to the Save Room consult the map if you need help. Approach of Deplore In this area, defeat all the Bats and drop dissonancf the pit at the end to reach the following room.

Get to the northeast corner of the room, then double dissonancr to the high ledge and continue into a new room.

March 27, at 7: Head into the room on the right now. When it stops, go down the hill and use it as a stepping stone to reach the high ledge. Out here, head UP to the room above the boss room. The Shadow turns into a sword.


Now head down into the ‘Wailing Way’. Make your way back through the last bunch of rooms you came through, until you’re back in the room with the Arahabakis, in the Corridor in the Air. There is also a door to the right here that leads to our next area. Continue west into the next room at the bottom. You should arrive in the northwest corner of that room.

There, hadmony down a few ledges and slide under the east wall. Go back to the previous room and head left defeating the Spriggans. Head down now to grab the.: Before you go downward, jump up the ledges and get to the northmost area of the room.

Head back to the up and down room once you grab it.

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance: FAQ/Walkthrough

Continue downward through this room, defeating the Spirits and Skeleton Frails. Head upwards until you see a opening to the left. Be walkthrougg to do so, then leave this room and continue eastward to the boss door.

Continue through the next few rooms until you’re back in the long room above the one with the Slimes. You’ll see a giant skull; drop through the ledge to the left of it and whip it to get it rolling down the hill.


Take the Hint Card 6 at the end of the path. Legion is aptly named as his body is composed of many humans. After the talk, Maxim will run off to the left, but you want to go right.

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance FAQs, Walkthroughs, and Guides for Game Boy Advance – GameFAQs

Don’t let these things hit you as they’ll turn you to stone. Head left past the WALL of bone heads and the two poison lizards to find a.: There, drop down the ledges and defeat the Owls and Simons in here.

Below the urn is a wall that we are simply cashlevania able to break yet. When you come to an area of thin floor, drop through it into another room.

Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance – Walkthrough

Continue on and you will meet up with Maxim again. He is an extremely easy first boss castlevqnia I think the Victory Armor if more of a challenge.

Then, go back to the previous room, and make your way to the northwest area while defeating the Owls and Simons you encounter.