Dr. Adis Duderija. Gender Studies. Faculty Of Arts And Social Sciences. [email protected] View CV · ResearcherID Link · PubMed Link. Biography. Authors: Duderija, Adis, Rane, Halim. Provides a systematic and broad overview of the major debates affecting Muslims and Islam in the West; Raises a number. Adis Duderija. Griffith University < Islamic Studies. Verified email at a minority immigrant religion: The case of western-born Muslims. A Duderija.

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Reflections on its Political Ramifications.

In this chapter, I focus on the scholarship of Ebrahim Moosa, a major theoretician behind progressive Muslim thought, and employ it as a theoretical lens through which to describe an important feature of progressive Muslim thought here In the first section of the article I describe the manner in which we should conceptualize the concept of the nature of Islamic tradition.

Next, the processes through which the concept of ‘urf has entered into the Islamic tradition and Islamic law in particular are considered. The following articles are merged in Scholar. Ahmed uses the Balkan to Bengal complex methodologically also to assess and critically evaluate existing scholarly writings on the theme of conceptualizing Islam in the second part of the book.

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They, as collective human experience testifies, in principle are subject to change as God’s creative powers have a direct bearing on our own collective reason and our collective ethico-moral compass. In the following part, the delineating features of the Dyderija manhaj are briefly summarized.

Neo-Traditional Salafi and progressive Muslims Methods of interpretation more. I also make my students aware that I am deeply committed to their intellectual development and that I am here duderiija create a safe environment that can foster this development.

The second and the third section historically contextualize and place This is done so with respect to the relative status and authenticity of various sources of legal authority in the Islamic tradition and with a special attention given to the concept of Sunna. The first part of the article will describe the semantico-contextual changes in the meaning of the term Hadith during the period under examination.

Learn more at Author Central. The Question of Salvation of Non-Muslims: The aim of this article is to trace dais development of the Hadith body of literature and the concept of an authentic Hadith as defined by the classical Islamic sciences ‘ulum-ul-hadith during the formative years of Islamic thought as The discussion on how a contemporary Islamic school of thought, here referred to as neo-traditional Salafism NTS constructs the religious Self and the religious Other on the basis of their approach to the interpretation manhaj of relevant Qur’an—Sunna textual indicants forms the subject matter of this article.


Progressive Islam and Progressive Muslim Thought. As I am very passionate about my teaching and research interests, I always try to act as a role addis and motivate my students to view their learning as something very meaningful and purposeful. djderija

Academic Profile

Convenor, Online, Online, Semester 1, Tensions Between the Study of Gender and Religion: Journal of Muslim Minority Affairs 28 3, Factors, agents, and discourses.

Help Center Find new research papers in: As I am a proponent of continuous methods of evaluating learning by means of effective and timely feedback and the classroom and assessment practices are designed accordingly. My personal teaching philosophy is informed by the broad set of guidelines that stem from this particular way of defining and understanding the nature of teaching and learning. The Authentic and the Apologetic more. I consider learning to be an active rather than passive process and to euderija this belief I endeavor to structure vuderija assignments and forms of assessment accordingly.

I believe that an important component of effective teaching ruderija self-reflection as well as employment of external methods in evaluating my performance as a teacher. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. In order to contextualize the main discussion in the first part of the article, I outline the historical tensions between the study of religion and gender in general.

Honorary Research Fellow, University of Sarajevo – To do so, first I outline the gender differences in rights and duties between men and women in classical Islamic law and examine the reasons for these. Theory of progressive Islam does exactly that. Journal of Muslim minority affairs 30 1, This chapter consists of four sections. Media and Conflict HUM. On Importance of Being Islamic” more.

Ahmed in this author’s view convincingly demonstrates why the existing and most influential conceptual and analytical adiis paradigms premised on the conflation of Islam as Islamic law, the distinction between Islam and Islamicate HodgsonIslam as religion and Islam as culture, Islam as civilization, the binary between the religion and secular ,sacred and profane, Islam as orthodoxy and Islam as discursive tradition Asad are all inadequate adix conceptualizing the full gamut adid meanings and contradictory normative claims that permeated Islam as a human and historical phenomenon within this intellectual paradigm.


Duderijs salafis in the west: For example, the Network of Spiritual Progressives.

Ahmed provides many relevant examples of this coherent contradiction from a period of time in Islamic history approximately CE that is the most representative of centrality of this phenomenon, a period of time in Islamic history which was a major intellectual paradigm for Islam meaning-making for over half a millennium for both Muslims and non-Muslims alike. Please try your request again later. Mir-Hosseini’s personal journey in the field of gender and Islam is then outlined and her major contributions to duderijs field are noted.

Adis Duderija – Google Scholar Citations

The aim of this article is to trace the development of the Hadith body of literature and the concept of an authentic Hadith as defined by the classical Islamic sciences ‘ulum-ul-hadith during the formative years of Islamic thought as based primarily on Western scholarship sources.

Major Issues and Debates. It also historically situated the NTS and progressive Muslim thought in relation to how they conceptualise and interpret turath. It historically contextualises, and places progressives Muslim thought in relation to their Ramadan as Time for Intellectual Jihad. In the second part NTS is positioned in relation to the broader Islamic tradition. The aim of the first chapter is to demonstrate that the only manner in which we can coherently conceptualize the human and historical phenomenon of Islam is by analytically and conceptually accommodating not only the diversity of responses of Islam meaning making by Muslims themselves but their absolute and complete contradiction.